2016 Topps Triple Threads 9 Box CASE BREAK PYT #7 Baseball BEST PRICES!! PRICES REDUCED

$ 29.99

2016 Topps Triple Threads 9 Box CASE BREAK PYT #7 Baseball BEST PRICES!! 

As the longest running, premium baseball release from Topps, 2016 Topps Triple Threads Baseball continues the distinct look that makes TTT instantly recognizable. Each master hobby box offers two autographs and two relics. Continuing the Bull Durham theme in 2016 products, Kevin Coster as Crash Davis autographs add a new element.

While hits are the focus in Triple Threads, collectors can still find several base cards for veterans or retired players in each box. Parallels include Amethyst (#/250), Emerald (#/200), Amber (#/150), Gold (#/99), Onyx (#/50), Sapphire (#/25), Ruby (1/1) and Printing Plates (1/1).  Select rookie subjects will have hard-signed Autographed Rookies (#'d).

Base Rookie & Future Phenoms Autograph Relics (#/99) cover the top young talent with a trio of relics and a signature with some featuring on-card autographs. Offering even more rarity, Silver (#/75), Emerald (#/50), Onyx (#/35), Ruby (1/1), Wood (1/1) and White Whale Printing Plates (1/1) parallels are also found.

Topps Triple Threads Autograph Relics (#/18) feature a die-cut relic design that is specific to the player and adds a sticker autograph. In addition to as many as three different die-cut variations per subject, limited parallels include Gold (#/9), Sapphire (#/3) Ruby (1/1), Wood (1/1), and White Whale Printing Plates (1/1).

Combining three players on one card, Auto Relic Combos (#/36) feature both autographs and relics and add Silver (#/27), Emerald (#/18), Gold (#/9), Sapphire (#/3), Ruby (1/1), Wood (1/1) and White Whale Printing Plates (1/1) parallels.

Unity Jumbo Relics (#/36) and Unity Autograph Jumbo Relics (#/99) also feature multiple parallels with Silver (#/27), Emerald (#/18), Gold (#/9), Sapphire (#/3), and Ruby (1/1).

Among the most limited signed hits are Jumbo/Letter Plus Autographed Relics (#/3), Cut Above Autographs (1/1) and Dual Cut Above Autographs (1/1). Jumbo and Letter Plus cards also have one-of-one Ruby parallels along with with relic-only versions and parallels.

Given the name Triple Threads, it should be obvious that relics are a primary option and collectors can also find Relics and Relics Legends, each numbered to 36 and joined by Silver (#/27), Emerald (#/18), Gold (#/9), Sapphire (#/3), and Ruby (1/1) parallels.

With a specific focus on the All-Star Game, a handful of inserts bring collectors the top names from the annual event. This includes All-Star Patches and Ruby (1/1) parallels, along with one-of-one Jumbo Patches, Jumbo Sleeve Team Patches, Laundry Tags and Majestic Logo Patches.

Multi-player options go big with ten-player combo books like Deca Threads Relic Combos (#/10), and Autographs (#/10). There is also a Deca Threads Auto Relics  (#/10) card that focuses on one player with ten different relic pieces. Each Deca card is also found as Gold (#/5) and Ruby (1/1) parallels.

The most limited memorabilia cards include one-of-one Bat Knobs, Bat Nameplates, Jumbo Letter/Number/Logos, and Jumbo Patch Combos.

Outside of this, each case guarantees a Triple Autograph Triple Relic and a one-of-one autograph relic parallel.

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