2015 Topps Supreme Football 16 Box FULL Case Break #012 PYT

$ 34.99

702 Breaker$ Is Offering This 2015 Topps Supreme Football 16 Box FULL Case Break #012 – PICK YOUR TEAM BREAK


Short and sweet, 2015 Topps Supreme Football continues its tradition of one-pack boxes. The hobby-only product promises one low-numbered hit per box.

Again showcasing a quality design, the base set in Supreme Football highlights the top options among veterans, rookies and retired players. A variety of parallels add in rarity with Copper (#'d), Violet (#/99), Gold (#/50), Green (#/25), Red (1/1) and Printing Plates (1/1).

Autographs take several forms in 2015 Topps Supreme Football. Supreme Autographed Rookies pay homage to the top 2015 NFL rookies with varying print runs and offer Gold (#'d), Green (#/25), Red (1/1) and Printing Plates (1/1) parallels. Featuring up to 30 players, Autographed Retired and Veteran Stars celebrate past and present with print runs of 99 or less. Again, Gold (#'d), Green (#/25), Red (1/1) and Printing Plates (1/1) parallels can be found.

Signed booklets cards add another wrinkle with inscriptions alongside a sticker autograph. Autographed QB Playbook Books (#/5) include a favorite play that is hand-drawn by the quarterback in question. Inscription Autograph Books (#'d) include a hand-signed inscription in silver ink.

Averaging one per case overall, several multi-player autographs show up in the hit-centered release. Up to 50 Dual Autographs (#'d), ten Quad Autographs (#/5) and 20 Dual Autographed Patch Books (#'d) are available in both base and Red (1/1) parallels.

Taking things up another level, 2015 Topps Supreme Football also has several autographed relics. Supreme Autographed Patches (#'d) include patch pieces and sticker autographs. Parallels include Gold (#/25), Green (#/10) and Red (1/1). Supreme Autographed Quad Relics (#'d) combine four relic pieces along with a sticker signature. Premium options are available with Gold Patch (#/10), Green Patch (#/5) and Red Patch (1/1).

Highlighting oversized jersey pieces, Supreme Autographed Jumbo Patch Relics (#'d) include Green Patch (#/5) and Red Patch (1/1) parallels. Supreme Autographed Team Logo Patch Books offer one-of-one inserts.

Lastly, a few different relic complete the 2015 Topps Supreme Football set. Base Relics include current stars, new rookies and former greats. Rookie Quad Patches (#'d) concentrate on the incoming class with up to 40 cards. There are also Gold (#/25), Green (#/10) and Red (1/1) parallels. Veteran Quad Relics (#'d) feature up to 25 different cards with three jersey swatches and one patch piece. Platinum Patch (1/1) is the sole parallel.

The remaining options include several one-of-one relic inserts with even-worn pieces. These quality memorabilia cards include Supreme Grip (player-worn gloves), Supreme Leather (player-handled football), Supreme Tag (player-worn jersey laundry tag), Supreme Spiral (player-handled football laces) and Supreme Logo Shield (player-worn jersey NFL Shield).

2015 Topps Supreme Football Box Break

  • 1 Numbered Relic/Autograph/Autograph Relic Cards
  • 4 Total Cards

2015 Topps Supreme Football Case Break

  • 5 Supreme Relic Cards
  • 4 Autograph Relic Cards
  • 3 Autograph Rookie Cards
  • 2 Supreme Autograph Cards
  • 1 Multi-Autograph Card
  • 1 Additional Hit
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